Thirsty for a soothing journey through multifaceted jazz music?! Try ‘0.4’ by Ty Showers! Categorized as jazz fusion, jazz-rock, and downtempo, this is the perfect album for every type of jazz music lover!

The project features 14 tracks and includes fan favorites such as ‘Hint Of Passion’ (featuring Shopen Patel), ‘Nice-T’, ‘Crack Bag’ (featuring Shopen Patel), and one of his latest hits ‘Headphone Commute Inspired’. Furthermore, it covers a wide variety of subject matter from anger, to passion, to drug addiction. Indeed, this is no ordinary jazz compilation, it carries the markings of musical prodigy, Ty Showers from beginning to end.

Mellow yet highly emotive, this album manages to meander through a wide variety of sounds, thoughts, and feelings without ever having to leave the comfort of your own headphones. Beginning with a lovely, self-centered track ‘All About You’ and closing out with his notoriously rebellious anthem ‘Suck My ____’, his song arrangement certainly seems strategic; beginning on a softer note and slowly but surely increasing the intensity. Clearly unconventional in many ways, don’t be fooled! This professionally trained singer/songwriter/musician definitely does this luxuriant genre justice. Listen for the percussions, listen for the pianos, listen for the rhythm, listen for the bass…but, whatever you do…listen!!

Track List

  1. About You 04:21
  2. All That I Do Is For You 04:40
  3. The Battle of Acoustic and Electric 03:33
  4. Crack Bag 04:24
  5. Everybody Has To Groove 05:08
  6. Furious 03:30
  7. Hint of Passion 06:59
  8. In A Bottle 03:47
  9. Nice T 04:20
  10. Now You 03:12
  11. Once You Go Bass 02:33
  12. Rock Slop 03:41
  13. See Me 03:00
  14. Silence 02:00
  15. Strawberry Fingernails 03:55
  16. Victor (On a Saturday Afternoon) 04:09

cover artwork
Ty Showers

Mixed by Ty Showers, 2013-2015, using Logic Studio (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Performed by Ty Showers