Step into the epic world of slow jams with one of Showers’ latest releases! A 14 track compilation that covers everything from mood improvement to the definition of beauty, this is certainly the kind of album that is worth setting aside some time to get acquainted with its contents. Categorized as r&b, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, synth pop, and neo-soul, this album plays like your favorite romance novel come to life.

Hand-crafted by hit maker Ty Showers, much like rain, these tracks are simultaneously hard-hitting and soft to the touch. With crowd coveted tracks such as ‘Music Is the Truth’, ‘Just Dancing’, and ‘Don’t Get Upset’, this project is the proverbial moment of simple glee in a sometimes depressing world. What’s more, tracks such as ‘Living Comfortable’, and ‘Happy’ solidify this project as both catchy and insightful.

Whether you love hip-hop, jazz, funk, r&b, neo-soul, or non/ all of the above, give this album a go! Showers’ seamless fusions of sounds and textures make most of his music unrecognizable to one genre or another…in the most marvelous ways possible. A modern slice of classic songwriting, be sure to list and share ‘0.6’ when/ where ever you can…just don’t list it thrice, conspiracy theorist be damned…

Track List

  1. All The Possibilities of Beauty 02:59
  2. Don’t Get Upset 04:09
  3. Give Me Your Number 03:57
  4. Happy 04:16
  5. Hello Love 06:17
  6. I’m Asking You 04:59
  7. Improve Your Mood 04:10
  8. Just Dancing 04:24
  9. Let Me Touch You 03:05
  10. Living Comfortable 04:12
  11. Lust 03:12
  12. Need A Pick Me Up 05:03
  13. The Things I Do 05:12
  14. Think Of Me 04:55

cover artwork
Ty Showers

Mixed by Ty Showers, 2013-2015, using Logic Studio (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Performed by Ty Showers