Take a trip into the miraculous and mellow with Ty Showers’, “0.7”! The 7th installment in his yet to be determined number of numerically named compilations, ‘0.7’ presents a vast array of mellow joints that covers a wide variety of moods and subject matters. Classified as a fusion of mellow, ambient, tranquil, chill out, electronic, and meditative, this project is not only good for the ears, it’s good for the soul.

Featuring early fan favorites such as: ‘Pool Our Money’, ‘Be My Girl’, ‘Thankful’, and ‘Friday’, this is the perfect album to utilize as a cuddling soundtrack for the ones you love most. Indeed, with the multiple thousands of plays and hundreds of comments and accolades from those few tracks alone, this is certainly an album you’ll need to look out for.

An essential soundstripe for the highway of life, play this album on your morning commute, during your morning rituals, or simply to unwind in the evening. Eclectic and experimental, this project does a great job of exploring new avenues while simultaneously remaining a stickler for the staples that have made him the artist he is today. Be on the lookout for ‘0.7’ in 2015, it’s a futuristic flashback to the ‘good ‘ole days’…

Track List

  1. Escape 03:12
  2. Friday 02:39
  3. Hold Me Now 03:41
  4. Ice 04:35
  5. Love’s The Perfect Word 03:24
  6. My Daughter 06:00
  7. My Valentine 03:33
  8. Soul Motion 03:12
  9. Such a Pretty Girl 03:30
  10. Thankful 05:36
  11. You Make Me Feel So Good So Good So Good 03:34
  12. Your Nerve Up 04:12

cover artwork
Ty Showers

Mixed by Ty Showers, 2013-2015, using Logic Studio (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Performed by Ty Showers