Track List

  1. At Last It’s Here 04:12
  2. Can’t Say 04:12
  3. Diamond Spider Web 03:05
  4. Distant Sincerity 04:16
  5. Eva Grant 04:12
  6. Guerilla 04:15
  7. Highly Contagious 05:03
  8. Living In An Agnostic World 04:32
  9. My Dad 04:19
  10. Provoked 04:26
  11. Rag Pie 04:16
  12. Simple Byzantine 05:00
  13. What’s It Gonna Take 05:52

On the surface, Calima Shatiday’s use of the word Guerilla to describe the musical compilation appears to be an oxymoron, at first. However, if one judges Guerilla against the backdrop of similar music, then a guerilla chill style definitely shows. A funky chill fills Distant Sincerity, and the title track Guerilla blends funk with a sprinkle of Middle Eastern vibe, underneath a blast of horns. However, Calima Shatiday slows down the tempo on Rag Pie, which makes one think about laying in the grass on a summer’s day, watching fast moving clouds in the sky. Guerilla contains four quality tracks and leaves a listener wanting more.

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Calima Shatiday, 2013, using Logic Studio (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt 4, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Mastered by Calima Shatiday. 2013, using Logic Studio