Track List

  1. Astronomical 03:33
  2. Beloved Protons 04:52
  3. Chemical Element 04:00
  4. Feast Your Ears 03:57
  5. Human Composition In Question 04:10
  6. I Like Her By She Likes Him 04:09
  7. Jaded By Indistinct Love 04:04
  8. Molecules 04:28
  9. Nuked 04:16
  10. Offended With Matches 04:00
  11. Politics 04:30
  12. Sipping Syrah On South Beach 05:03
  13. Sympathetic Electrons 04:04
  14. The Atomic Bomb 04:18

Astronomical‘s lounge groove and techy drums give way to the tribal house and psychedelic atmospherics of Beloved Protons.

The tripped-out soul and muted trumpet of Chemical Element recalls early-90s acid jazz troubadours Fila Brazilia.

The electronic music collection gathers momentum with the trancy breakdown of minimalist tour de force Feast Your Ears, leading into two ambient house tunes that find Trestal firmly in the groove.

Jaded By Indistinct Love slows things down as warm, gentle synths wash over the listener and faint strains of harmonica re-introduce that jazzy feeling once more.

The palette of sounds broadens further on Molecules as sitar and a deft funk guitar lick complement the track’s insistent breakbeat rhythms.

At the point where many records begin to fade away, History Of The Atom finds one of its highlights. Nuked is a pulsing electro freakout with a classy groove built on shimmering layers of keyboard.

Trestal gets deep down as the glitchy trance of Offended With Matches and the deep bass grooves of Politics propel us into an engaging finale.

The crisp, streetwise electro funk of Sipping Syrah on South Beach features sparse soulful vocals before orchestral flourishes punctuate the elemental IDM of Sympathetic Electrons.

The final track of this aural exploration of particle theory The Atomic Bomb is a slice of ambient Balearic house reminiscent of Jacques Lu Cont.

Trestal’s electronic music is not designed to detonate on a bombastic level, but he breaks things down in a fashion any molecular physicist would be proud, and continues to produce genre-hopping electronica of the highest order. His familiarity with all the hallmarks of great chill out music combined with a desire to stretch himself into all sorts of shapes makes for compelling listening.
Release Date
February 28, 2013

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Trestal, 2013, using Logic Studio 9.1 (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53)

Mastered by Trestal. 2013, using Logic Studio 9.1.8