Track List

  1. Beautiful To Me 03:23
  2. Can’t Take it No More 03:27
  3. Don’t Take It 03:28
  4. Dream It Be It 03:45
  5. Haunted Luv 03:09
  6. Hello 03:22
  7. Hunting 03:22
  8. I Admire You 04:42
  9. Let Me Out 04:43
  10. Make It Quick 06:56
  11. No Drama Please 02:41
  12. Once And For All 01:52
  13. Raised Inflection 04:34
  14. When I Sleep 03:02

Trestal’s “When I Sleep” is not music to fall asleep by but provides a strong background to help you get through many situations. Listen to the title track “When I Sleep” in your car while stuck in traffic to keep you calm. If waiting in an airport security line, listening to “Make It Quick” through your headphones will surely make the wait seem shorter. Some tracks have a faster tempo than others, yet all qualify for the ambient and chill music descriptors. The track, “Dream It Be It” might induce daydreams. “I Admire You” is perfect for listening to with that special someone while sipping on your favorite libation.

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Trestal, 2010, using Logic Studio  (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53)

Mastered by Trestal. 2010, using Logic Studio