For an unforgettable trip down lover’s lane check out ‘0.3’ by Ty Showers! The 3rd installment of his yet undetermined amount of numerically named compilations, the singer/songwriter/producer/musician seems to have returned to his initial niche with a vengeance. Chock full of eclectic tracks that can be identified as r&b, soul, dance, electronic, and/or funk, this album is a trip unlike any other.

The opening track, ‘Addiction’ is a funky groove with smooth crooning that is quickly gaining traction amongst the Talifero Music community. Followed up by other fan favorites such as ‘All I Need Is You’, ‘Get To Know You’, ‘No Other Love’, and ‘Time To Bust Out The Romance’, this album is essential for anyone who uses music to set ‘the mood’…

Though, as aforementioned, the album is centered on the concept of love, Showers does an amazing job of varying the sounds, melodies, tones, and accompanying emotions of each track. Take the contrast of ‘Do A Little Shopping’, a track that deals with vanity and self-appreciation, and the hard-hitting anti-domestic abuse anthem ‘You Don’t Need Him’, for example. There’s something for every stage of love on this album. Do you love it?! I suppose you’ll never know until you press play…

Track List

  1. Addiction 04:12
  2. All I Need Is You 04:00
  3. Did I Step On Your Moment 04:10
  4. Doing A Little Shopping 04:08
  5. Get To Know You 04:05
  6. Hi 04:17
  7. I’m Glad You’re In My Life 03:39
  8. Love Requiem 04:45
  9. No Other Love 03:52
  10. Pretty Brown Faces 04:00
  11. Short Sighted 04:00
  12. Time To Bust Out The Romance 04:24
  13. Vikki (Do You Hear Me) 06:00
  14. You Don’t Need Him 03:53

cover artwork
Ty Showers

Mixed by Ty Showers, 2013-2015, using Logic Studio (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53, Kontakt, East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold and QL Goliath)

Performed by Ty Showers