Track List

  1. Asia in Conference 04:53
  2. Contemporary Manefestation 04:53
  3. From Zen to Fit 04:02
  4. Grape Crusher 03:22
  5. His Sleep Wish 04:16
  6. In Search of Contact 04:02
  7. Muted Climax 03:32
  8. No Time Soon 07:14
  9. Pleasure Paradox 04:16
  10. Rabbit Incarnation 04:12
  11. Smoke Some Pee 04:02
  12. Too Bad So Sad 04:12
  13. Vertical Juxtaposed 04:28
  14. What Is This 04:02

Trestal displays electronic chill gymnastics on “Chillville” that create a seductive mood. Chillout lounge aficionados may appreciate the hypnotic tempo throughout. Starting with “Asia in Conference”, the track sprinkles Asian flavor on top of ambient chill. Listeners may long for Chillville to be real by the time the track “Pleasure Paradox” reaches their ears. Each track is strong enough to stand on its own, like “Smoke Some Pee” (yes, that’s a real title). Chillville as a collection of tracks, work well together incorporating the musical styles of jazz and latin rhythms with the sensuality of downtempo.

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Trestal, 2011, using Logic Studio 9 (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53)

Mastered by Trestal. 2011, using Logic Studio 9.1.8