Track List

  1. A Wonderful 04:31
  2. Alyne Marques 04:08
  3. Frustrated Complexities 03:54
  4. Got It Going On 04:08
  5. I Hear Whispers In My Head 03:57
  6. Love To Come 05:56
  7. Miriam 04:32
  8. New Years 03:42
  9. Octerian Poontang 03:42
  10. Sample The Sauce 04:11
  11. Sliding Without Crunching 03:54
  12. Why Me 03:50

There is a particular mood on the “Love to Come” compilation that is difficult to describe but the feeling is strong. Beginning with the track, “A Wonderful”, Trestal takes listeners in two different directions on one track. The beginning does not sync with the rest of the track but gives listeners two experiences combined encompassing a mellow and sensual groove. The title track “Love to Come” is soothing and the instrumentation is smooth as satin. “Sample the Sauce” provides needed auditory relaxation from a hyper-driven world. However, “Sliding Without Crunching” plays off the ears like musical ping-pong with a good set of earphones. Listeners will love to come back to the tracks on this compilation again, and again.

cover artwork
Taliferro Music

Mixed by Trestal, 2013, using Logic Studio 9.1 (Native Instruments: Absynth, FM8, Massive, Pro-53)

Mastered by Trestal. 2013, using Logic Studio 9.1.8